"In the heart of the Loire Valley
Discover our domain, Les Quatre Piliers

An atypical vineyard made of
a series of adjoining small yards

The vineyard of 25 ac, located in the Touraine AOC valley, is split into almost 15 parcels – the largest of which is barely a hundred square meters –, encompassing small yards converted to organic cultivation since the purchase. Half of the surface of its clay and limestone soils is occupied by plants of white Sauvignon, while the other half is covered with Chenin, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Cot – or Malbec. The Cher river is quite close from the vines, which benefit from its temperature-regulating effect combined with the oceanic climate of the west and the Loire.

Below the vineyard lies a white paradise made of carriers digged in tuffeau until 30 meters deep. But the real beauty comes from the fact that this whole network of holes and galleries both fosters the underground mineral equilibrium and serves as a natural ventilation system for the vineyard.

This panel of different soils and levels evocating Burgundy is divided into 4 places“Les Puits aux Chiens”, totalizing 8.5 ac of white Sauvignon grapevines between 15 and 50 years of age, as well as Chenin vines (30 years old on average). On the heights of the Noyers town, a cold land of white clay with limestone boulders here and there, grow fine and aromatic wine

On the warm, yet north-oriented land of the “Bernardières”, flourish 45 years old Cot vines, planted in red, sulphates-rich soils, barely 350 meters from the Cher river. These late-season, concentrated grapes, help make fleshy and complex juices.

The “Bel Air” area gather very old grapevines of Cabernet Franc and white Sauvignon

Finally, the so-called “Quatre Piliers” place, after which the Domain is named, is covered with Pinot Noir (25 years old) and Cabernet Franc (50 years old), oscillating between cold soils at the top of the hill, and warmer ones, made of red clay, down the hill.

This complementary mix between warm and cold lands is fostering the subtle equilibrium
sought after by Valentin Desloges in wine making, associating robustness from the clay and delicacy from limestone.

« What we are looking for above all is the harmony of the whites and the delicacy of the reds, with fresh acidities which will allow our wines to remain young and dynamic in time.
I want my wine to be authentic, fine and elegant »

Winemaking process and culture

The semi-helical cellar, buried within the tuffeau caves of the Domaine des Quatre Piliers, represents a precious and always cool place for winemaking. All the wines ferment with natural yeasts.

Cabernet Franc and Cot grapes are carefully destemmed before fermenting in tanks for 20 to 30 days. Pinot Noir is cooled down with 20% of entire grapes and ferments for 9 days. Alcoholic fermentation takes places in stainless steel before malolactic fermentation, which associates in barrels two to five types of renowned vintage wines – Bordeaux for Cabernet Franc and Cot, Bourgogne for Pinot. Long-lasting culture is key for blending tannins and developing subtlety.

White wines only ferment in wood casks, with a varying proportion of new wood depending on the cuvée: 8% for Cabernet, 20% for the great cuvee of white Sauvignon, and 30% for the Chenin. A culture above dispatched wine sediments gives additional intensity to these cuvees, tailored for long-time storage.

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“When I’m not among the vines or in the cellar, I like to roam the region’s forests. It seemed natural to me to include this part of our terroir in the winemaking process"

Forêt de loches

A virtuous park in design

A few years from now, the forest of Loches located 15 km away from the property, will be the only wood supply source for the domain. Passionate about the impact of casks and trained in several wine regions to opposite culture techniques, Valentin insists on having the planks well dried before supervising the manufacturing process of his tailored casks. This park 100% made in Loches will allow for even more precision in the winemaking process. It will also contribute to a virtuous production cycle, in osmosis with the environmentally responsible approach of the Quatre Piliers.

Domaine des Quatre Piliers
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