Meet the Winemaker

« A vineyard is comparable to a village:
it needs inhabitants of all ages to create a balance»


« I like that, when opening a bottle, it questions me: its aromas, its depth, its evolution. Then, that it makes me want to dive back into it »

Son of a winegrower settled in Touraine, Valentin Desloges, a 28 years-old from Blois, learned the art of wine from the best and brightest: Vincent Sipp in Alsace, the Todeschini family at Château Mangot in Saint-Emilion, Thierry and Paul Pillot in Chassagne-Montrachet, and Raphaël Coche at Coche-Dury in Meursault. These mentors with roots in diverse territories have helped him learn how to work at the vineyard as well as at the cellar. Today heading the Domaine des Quatre Piliers – in Noyers-sur-Cher –, the young man starts from scratch, but carrying with him a whole lot of experience.

«I always try to make authentic, fine and elegant wines»

Domaine des Quatre Piliers
15 Rue des Quatre Piliers, 41140 Noyers-sur-Cher

06 98 16 14 09

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